Patient Navigator - Sunshine Coast

Need help navigation the health system?

The Patient Navigator is a new position on the Sunshine Coast Community to help you find your way around the health system more efficiently and more quickly.

Your Patient Navigator travels between GP offices, offering supports to you, such as:
• Helping you to follow primary care treatment plans, and psychosocial support;
• Coordinating the range of community and allied-health resources designed to benefit you;
• Assistance in stabilizing your condition so that your primary care physician can best support you;
• Intensive support for you in the activities of daily living;
• Help to strengthen the quality of connection (attachment) between you and your family doctor; and
• Working collaboratively through a shared care arrangement with local family physicians to help improve both
your and your doctors’ experience.

Address / Contact Info

Sunshine Coast Division of Family PracticeA GP For Me Project Initiative
Contact name: Cayce Laviolette

Phone Numbers

Phone: (604) 741-3180

Service Details

Geographic areas served: Sunshine Coast


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This program was last updated on 25 Apr 2016.