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Sunshine Coast Physicians that are accepting new patients. - Sunshine Coast

Community Health Notice posted: 26-Feb-2018 1:30 PM PST

Currently, there are no physicians on the Sunshine Coast accepting new patients

There are two walk-in clinics available.

- Gibsons Medical Associates at (604) 886-2868 or
- Cowrie Medical Clinic at (604) 670-6222 for hours.

Physicians accepting new maternity patients:

Dr. Jane Bishop - Arbutus Clinic (604) 885-2384
Dr. Jenn Baxter – Gibsons Medical Clinic (604) 886-2868
Dr. Julie Baxter - Sechelt Medical Clinic (604) 885-2257
Dr. Jack Bryson - Sechelt Medical Clinic (604) 885-2257
Dr. Sarah Lasuta – Sechelt Medical Clinic (604) 885-2257
Dr. Jeanette Gibbons - Upstream Medical Clinic (604) 885-6400
Dr. Karen Scott – Upstream Medical Clinic (604) 885-6400
Dr. Rayna Sivakova – Gibsons Medical Clinic (604) 886-2868 (On Maternity Leave March - September 2018)

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Walk In Clinics - Sechelt and Gibsons

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